Key features

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Carrier Service

As the international voice business becomes more dependent on scale and efficiency, Ultra Networks & Communications can help carriers and providers from all segments of the industry succeed with a range of global termination products that provide flexibility of coverage and features to fit your requirements.

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Partner programs

The Authorized Partner program helps quantify new market opportunities and new business. It connects New Technologies and open new Opportunities.

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Whichever VoIP protocol you choose to get interconnected with us (SIP, H.323, DSS1 or SS7), our highly qualified technical staff will make it work to get the best results and provide the maximum qualitative voice transmission via the network of Ultra System.

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VOIP Solutions

We strive to make service as worry free as possible, and we take great pride in offering Extreme Customer Care. We have attempted to answer the most commonly asked questions asap and remark it for future solutions.