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SMS Wholesale Service

SMS Wholesale Service

The SMS text messaging Service satisfies the needs of communicating with your customers or users directly and in real time, using an innovative Web Management Platform model.

It is aimed to supply information within the 160 characters available in a text message. It can be applied in any field: advertising, discounts, promotions, announcements of public interest, collection management, strategic marketing, among others.


Technical Feasibility:

  • Sending text messages to cell phones in Latin America and USA (using any mobile network).
  • Possibility of sending messages with a set date and time.

Feedback to the database:

  • Confirmation of message delivery.
  • Identification of rejected destinations.
  • Allows customer response by SMS ( purchase message, YES / NO)
  • Possibility of automatic SMS forwarding according to customer response.
  • Management Reports in our SMS-Intico Web Platform
  • Online Delivery Reports of Sending.
  • Online Delivery Reports of SMS Reponses.


  • High contact level in contrast to other electronic communication channels.
  • Access to a low cost platform for contact with your clients.
  • Reduced calls to cell phones.
  • Decreased use of Call Center or reconfiguring it to personalized strategies.
  • Increased efficiency through saving money and time.
  • Does not requires installation of equipment, software or maintenance.
  • A tool that allows you to use all of its functionality from the first day.
  • The cost of text messages is reduced according to the volumes that your company uses.

Added Value:

The scheme of our service allows the inclusion of improvements over its use. Some examples are:

  • Integration of our service to our customer’s platforms via Web Services.
  • Design of Customized Web Interface.
  • SMS auto-response generation
  • SMS Agenda through contact lists for frequent sending
  • Sender ID Customized with your company's name or brand.

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