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Our Network

Our Network

Ultra Networks & Communications, LLC supports voice services in more than 150 countries worldwide and exercises a permanent control and technical support 24x7 using its own network of international gateways in Europe and Africa.

The network structure is based on Inter Exchange Carrier (IXC) accounting soft switch, Porta Billing and Cisco Systems voice gateways. It fully complies with the most up-to-date requirements of the new generation networks and supports various types of carrier-to-carrier interconnections, such as ISDN PRI, VoIP-H.323 and VoIP-SIP. It is essential that the net consists of interchangeable and independent backup power, so, in case anything goes wrong with any of the components, the system continues running nonstop.

Ultra Networks & Communications, LLC is a telecommunication consulting company specializing in distribution and transport infrastructure outside plant. We provide Voip Solutions from inception to connection for all your telecommunications network builds.

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