Saturday, July 13, 2024

Max Mustard is the blissful VR rebirth of a well-liked 32-bit style

I am unable to start to explain my elation when Max Mustard first popped onto my Meta Quest 3 screens. The colourful colours, quirky enemies, lovable animations, plunger gun, and jet boots all scream 90s platformer, and but it is debuting for the primary time in 2024, and in VR, no much less.

A VR platformer sounds a bit unusual till you consider the evolution of the platformer style. All the earliest examples from the style have been side-scrolling 2D video games like Pitfall and Tremendous Mario Bros. A number of a long time later, 3D platformers like Tremendous Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot, and Sonic Journey would take the idea into 3D area and revolutionize it fully.

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