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Air Conditioner Outside Unit Reference Design

Air Conditioner Outside Unit Reference Design

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The air conditioner outside unit design options MOSFET and energy gadgets, vector management, and PFC expertise for efficiency.


There was a rising demand for low-power consumption in outside air con items. Consequently, brushless motors powered by inverters with high-efficiency switching gadgets have develop into the norm for compressors and followers. Furthermore, sensorless vector management is gaining recognition for motor management attributable to its capability to supply low price, excessive effectivity, and diminished motor noise. Moreover, there’s an rising want for smaller circuit boards in such tools.

Toshiba’s air conditioner outside unit reference design makes use of a low on-resistance energy MOSFET, TK20A60W5, for the compressor drive inverter to realize a extremely environment friendly compressor drive. An clever energy system, TPD4204F, with an built-in gate driver and inverter circuit, is used for a compact and environment friendly fan motor drive. The PFC inductors are downsized by an IGBT system, GT30J65MRB, which has low switching losses and might function at excessive switching frequencies in a switching PFC energy provide circuit. Furthermore, the usage of the microcontroller TMPM4KLFYAUG, outfitted with a vector engine, permits sensorless vector management of the fan motor and compressor, in addition to PFC energy provide management with a single microcontroller, simplifying and decreasing the scale of the outside unit circuit.

– Commercial –

Moreover, a transistor array, TBD62003AFG, is used as a valve management driver, a photocoupler, TLP785 serves as an insulating interface for communication between outside and indoor items, a SiC Schottky barrier diode, TRS24N65FB, is utilized as a PFC diode, a TC75W59FU is employed as an operational amplifier for sign amplification, and a TA75S393F is used as a comparator for detecting abnormalities.

The circuit is designed for an outside air-conditioner unit with an AC 200V enter. It encompasses a single microcontroller unit (MCU) that controls two motors and an influence issue correction (PFC) circuit. The compact define dimension of the circuit board is 160 mm x 220 mm. Along with the MCU, the design contains optimum energy gadgets equivalent to IGBTs, energy MOSFETs, clever energy gadgets, and SiC Schottky barrier diodes to make sure environment friendly and efficient efficiency.

In air conditioners, the compressor compresses refrigerant, which turns into excessive temperature and excessive stress when compressed and low temperature and low stress when expanded. This refrigerant is equipped to the outside unit for cooling and the indoor unit for heating. Followers assist in effectively exchanging warmth. Motor drives function compressors and followers, and utilizing inverters has develop into acquainted to extend vitality effectivity. Energy issue correction (PFC) circuits and inverters are essential for decreasing energy consumption by effectively changing and driving energy.

Toshiba has examined this reference design. It comes with a invoice of supplies (BOM), schematics, a Gerber file, a printed circuit board (PCB) structure, and a schematic. You will discover extra knowledge in regards to the reference design on the corporate’s web site. To learn extra about this reference design, click on right here.

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